The Law Offices
of Kenneth N. Meleyco has also been very successful in the appellate court.

Published Decisions:

Jones v. Catholic Healthcare West, et al.

Hawkins v. Wilton et al.

Valenzuela et al. v. Millard et al.

Shavocki Fulcher v. The Superior Court of San Joaquin County

Estella D. Lopez v. Yum Yum Donut Shops, Inc.

Jerry Rhoden v. Superior Court, County of San Joaquin

Whittle v. KOVR-TV

There are also many non-published decisions in our favor.

The Law Offices of 

Recent Victories

 Diana C. v. Lodi Unified School District, et al.

An 8-year-old special needs child was molested by a school bus driver employed by Lodi Unified School District (LUSD).  Diana suffered horrible abuse at the hand of a school bus driver who should have never been hired due to a prior conviction of a sex crime. 

"The case settled on March 5, 2013, after four weeks of jury trial for the largest pre-trial settlement of its kind against a school district in the history of California.”

Settled for $4.75 Million

Airrington v. USS-Posco Industries

Posco put their employee’s safety at risk daily when they were negligent in maintaining their equipment.  The victim was literally run over by a poorly maintained forklift.  The accident cost him the amputation of his left foot.

The case settled in May of 2011 for a confidential settlement

Newman and Butler v. San Joaquin Delta College

Two campus officers exhibited unforgivable brutality when they severely beat a Delta Disabled Support Program student. There was absolutely no justification for what they did.  The victim is suffering from injuries that will affect her for the rest of her life.

The case settled in January of 2012 for $4 Million

Garcia (Guardian ad Litem for Rodriguez, a minor) v. Ramirez-Stepken

During his position as property manager, Ramirez-Stepken was found responsible for ignoring multiple complaints of mold throughout the apartment complex.  His utter negligence resulted in permanent lung damage for a young boy.

The case settled in September of 2011 for  a six figure confidential settlement

 Graves v. Kennecott Minerals Co.

Lanell Graves was working at JR Simplot when a cap placed on a railcar by Kennecott Minerals, flew off and caused his body to be burned by sulfuric acid. 

The case settled in July of 2010 for a six figure confidential settlement

Bingley v. Valero Refining Company

Freddie Bingley was a truck driver delivering toxic caustic soda to Valero Refinery.  An explosion occurred at the refinery causing a fire.  As a result Mr. Bingley suffered permanent lung damage due to inhaling the toxic materials.

The case settled in June of 2010 for  a confidential settlement

Mahal v. Sierra Chemical Company

Sierra Chemical Company could not be bothered with maintaining their outdated equipment- even at the expense of their very own employees’ safety.  The victim of their negligence fell through an old broken grate, and sustained severe injuries to his foot.

The case settled in March of 2010 for  a six figure confidential settlement

Parker v. Van-G Trucking

One man lost his life because Van-G Trucking was negligent in putting necessary safety guards on their equipment.  The victim fell into a conveyor belt and was crushed to death.  Van-G Trucking’s negligence cost one family a husband, a father, and one long, painful trial.

The trial was won in December of 2008 with a Verdict of $5 Million

Sanchez v. Bay Area Builders

One contractor’s moment of negligence resulted in the loss of one man’s leg.  The victim was installing tiles on the outside of a building when the contractor carelessly removed the ties that held the scaffolding to the building.  The victim’s right leg was amputated due to permanent injuries from his fall.

The case settled in April of 2003 for a confidential settlement in excess of seven figures.

Garibay v. Tutor-Saliba Corporation

Tutor-Saliba Corporation put all of their employees at risk by not embedding safety procedures into the dangerous tasks essential to their line of work.  When air accidentally got into a cement pump, the pump exploded and threw the victim onto the rebar.

The case settled in 1999 for a six figure confidential settlement
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